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HTBB Connect Group Bible Studies


Each week we create these 15 minutE videos on the passage that was preached on Sunday.

This playlist displays the most recent upload. To access older posts, click the tab in the top left corner of the video.


This is how to use these:

  1. Print the passage out

  2. Have one person read the passage aloud

  3. Do the Bible Study Questions below as individuals (5min)*

  4. Watch the video

  5. Pause at the question breaks and discuss (usually 3 per video)

  6. Finish by praying for each other

*Read the passage as a group, ask the following questions, draw on the passage the symbols that represent each question:

  • ! What stood out for you?

  • ? What questions do you have?

  • → What is the passage telling you to do? Watch the video, pause and discuss as you reach the questions.