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How To Read The Bible


how to read
the bible


The Importance of the Bible

The Bible is the primary way that God speaks to us and makes himself known to us. If you read the Bible you will encounter him and be strengthened in your faith. The thought of reading the Bible can be a little bit scary but the good news is that it has never been easier to read the Bible and get resources to help you understand it. 

We'd recommend that you read the Bible every day, and that you use a plan to help you read it in an ordered way. It's also helpful to have something to take notes on while you read it to write down any questions you may have and record anything that you hear God say.


How Do I Start?

Each day it is good to try to:

  • Read some of the Bible

  • Write down any thoughts or questions you have

  • In prayer talk to God about what you have read

  • Talk with your friends about it

If you want to try reading the Bible for the first time, a really good place to start is the book of Mark which tells the story of Jesus' life. Alternatively the Bible in One Year plan (see below) is another great way to start reading. 





Bible in One Year

The Bible in One Year is a plan that helps you to read the whole Bible. Each day you'll read a bit of the Old Testament, a bit of the New Testament, a Psalm or Proverb.

Along with the Bible reading there is a commentary (available to read or listen to) by Nicky & Pippa Gumbel that explains the readings. 

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a collection of 5 min videos, each of which give an overview of an entire book or key theme within the Bible. 

Watching one of these before reading a book of the Bible is really helpful for understanding why the book was written and some of the background information that is helpful to know when reading it. 


The YouVersion Bible app is the worlds most popular digital Bible. It contains over 1000 different language translations, has built in plans (including the Bible in One Year), and audio versions of the Bible that you can listen to. 

It is completely free and available on all operating systems. 





Q. Where can I get a physical printed Bible in Malaysia?

A. You can buy Bibles in most large Book stores but you can also order them online at: Canaanland Christian Store.

Q. There are lots of different versions of the Bible. Which one is best to read? 

A. The best version to read is the one you will actually read! In English the New international Version (NIV) is the most popular translation and is a modern english translation. There are translations of the Bible in nearly every language including Mandarin and Tamil (all of these versions are available in the YouVersion Bible App).


Q. How is the Bible organised?

A. The Bible is made up of lots of books and is grouped as two main sections: The Old Testament and The New Testament:

  • The Old Testament is the Story of the Israel.

  • The Book of Psalms in the Old Testament are a collection of Songs and Prayers that are very helpful.

  • The New Testament starts with the 'Gospels' (Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John) which tell the story of Jesus' life.

  • The rest of the New Testament explains what it means to follow Jesus.

A good place to start reading the Bible for the first time is not at the front of the whole Bible but rather at the beginning of the New Testament with Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John - the stories of Jesus' life. 

Q. Are there any resources to help children read the Bible? 

A. Yes! YouVersion also produce a Bible App for Kids: animated Bible stories in a free app for smartphones and tablets. Learn, play, and grow in God's Word. Download it for free today.