Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang






Legal Requirements (According to the Diocese of West Malaysia policy and Malaysian Law)
1. The couple must be legally married (in this country or foreign countries). To ascertain their status by obtaining a copy of their marriage certificate.
2. The couple must both be Christians. To ascertain their status by obtaining a copy of their baptism certificate each.
3. No marriage blessing is allowed in the church if one party is a non Christian.
4. No marriage blessing is allowed in the church if both parties are non Anglicans.
5. Marriage blessing is allowed only when one party is an Anglican of this diocese or another diocese. To ascertain the status by obtaining a letter from his/her parish priest if he/she is not a member of your church.
6. During the marriage blessing, the service order used must be the order for the marriage blessing and NOT the full order of Holy Matrimony.
7. Neither members of the couple may have been married previously in a civil or religious ceremony to another person.

HTBB Requirements
Weddings at HTBB take place on Saturdays, beginning at 10am.
9. The couple must have completed the marriage preparation course before their wedding.
10. The couple must have been attending HTBB for more than 6 months before filling out the form below.



Please read through the contract below before filling out the information form. The contract does not need to be signed before filling out the form, but must be signed at some point the wedding as per conversations with Adrian.

Click here to download the contract as a pdf.


Order of ceremony

Below is the suggested running order for Weddings at HTBB, which the form below is built around.

  • Church ceremony pre-announcement by Vicar

  • Wedding processional: one song

  • Worship: three songs

  • Readings x2

  • Message by Vicar

  • Prayers

  • Final worship: one song

  • Blessing

  • Pronouncement recessional: exit of the couple, one song

  • End

Click here to download the order of ceremony as a pdf.



If you meet all of the requirements listed above, you are eligible to have a wedding at HTBB. Please continue to fill out the request form.

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
Groom's Name *
Groom's Name
Requested Wedding Date *
Requested Wedding Date
- Must be a Saturday - Must be at least 6 months ahead of this form's submission. - The date is not secured until agreed by contract with HTBB.
The prices listed below are based on the agreement of the following times: Decoration of the venue - within 10:00am and 04:00pm the Friday prior to the Wedding unless otherwise agreed upon. Wedding - Beginning between 10:00am and 11:00am and ending before 02:00pm. Use of the Café - Must be out of the space (contractors and decorations included) by 05:00pm on Saturday.
Rental of the Café *
There is a fixed donation of RM300 for each member of the Worship team. If you are choosing to use HTBB Worship team, you will be directed to a separate form after completing this one in order to fill out specifics.
Production Team *
There is a fixed donation of RM300 for each member of the Production team. There will be a fixed donation of RM300 for the audio engineer.
Please tick this box to confirm a fixed donation of RM300 for the hiring of a sound engineer. *
If yes, please email to abi.mcilrath@htbb.org If you are choosing not to have any production team members, the screens will not be used.