Holy Trinity Bukit Bintang

WCAI Application



Note: We suggest that you prepare your answers on a separate document and copy them onto this form as it cannot be saved and re-visited.

Personal Information
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Preferred Name
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Date of Birth
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Emergency Contact Details
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Emergency Contact Name
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Address for Emergency Contact
Church Life
Gifting & Ability
Please note that the Worship Central Academy is for those actively leading worship in their church.
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Additional Material
Please submit a YouTube link of you leading worship in your context. Please ensure that we can hear you clearly in the video.
If you are not the only worship leader appearing in your youtube video, please indicate in the text box below a description of yourself as appeared in the video.
Referee One *
Referee One
Senior Church Leader
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Referee Two *
Referee Two
Non-family member that you have personally known for a minimum of three years
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